“The know-how is nobody’s property.

Every human being has the opportunity to be skilled at it.”



28 October 1934 in Dijon (France)

From physiotherapy to osteopathy

Passionate about life, so by the movement, I made young, at 18, the experience of professional sports. I studied the science of its dynamics through physiotherapy, then my therapeutic approach was completed with a complete training in osteopathy

Different trips around the world

I traveled around the world to observe the different approaches to traditional medicines as well as their conceptual support. For many years, I studied in their own country traditional medicines (Tradipraticians), and created and carried out a project for about a year in India (“Medical approach of traditional healers and their convergence with current trends”) and I was technical assessor a project in Peru (Puerto Maldonado – Madre de dios – 1988-1992), entitled “Establishment of an infrastructure of traditional medicine”.


Application of tensegrity concept to the mechanics of the living being ; from the emergence of this concept in architecture.

I taught in France and in different countries

In France : I.F.S.O. Bretagne Ostéopathie & Ostéo Évolution
In Spain in Barcelona (postgraduate seminars for osteopaths)
In Germany (Osteopathy School Germany)
In Italy (C.R.E.S.O.)
In Japan (Japan Osteopathic Asociation – O.A.K Kyoto)
In Swiss
European Etiopathy Center (Centre Étiopathie Européen – C.E.E.)
Osteopathic School of Geneva (E.O.G.)
Swiss Oteopathic School (E.S.O – full time)
Post Graduates (E.O.G. and E.S.O)
U.S.A. (during 12 years in seminars)
In Chile (University of Concepción)
In Singapore
South Korea
In Denmark (institute)
In Argentina (Italian University of Rosario)
In Holland, Germany, Belgium and Italy
In Spain
Autonomous University of Barcelona
European University of Madrid
Valencia University (Fundación Universitaria)
Gecosalud – Madrid
Postgraduate seminars
In France
Primeostéo (or EOG France)

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