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Born on 28 October 1934 in Dijon (France), I currently live in Barcelona (Spain). After practising as a physiotherapist in professional sports, I trained in osteopathy as well as in various traditional medicines around the world. Adding to this my observations of the dynamics of the body in some martial arts and having become a teacher in osteopathy, I applied the concept of tensegrity to the mechanics of the living being. This conceptual reflection combined with my professional experience during more than forty years has led me to develop and transmit a specific personal approach to manual manipulations.
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My books


Atlas of manipulative techniques of skull and face bones

Translated into English – Japanese – Russian – German – Danish – Russian – Italian – Chinese – Korean


The tensegrity concept in osteopathy

In the process of translation into English, Italian, Spanish


Osteopathic technique for the absorption of lumbar herniated discs

Secure, simple and efficient technique.
Sauramps editions – Montpellier – 2013


Cranial osteopathic technique

Biomechanics – Pathomechanics Manual diagnosis
Translated into English, Spanish, Danish and Korean

My teaching


Tensegrity was originally an architectural concept, but I was the first to apply it to the field of osteopathy where it is now commonly used. Discover the theory and my practice.

Cranial techniques and applications

Osteopathy for the different bones of the skull : theory and practice illustrated.

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